the Alexander Arrangement of Elements in space on a clothesline
Click above to spin the orbiting element system model and click below for much detail about our Single Helix
5 views of theAlexander Arrangement of Elements Chemical Element System and 3D Periodic Table

  The stretched and wrapped Hydrogen box over the united Main Group brings ends and starts of periods together for greater trends understanding.
  D- & F-blocks are separate with atomic numbers now sequential.

  A description of a correct chemical element system model:
  A model with all sequences of atomic numbers and element groups in continuous and contiguous arrangement, in full compliance with the Periodic Law.

  Gardner's multiple intelligences: Physical beauty for Feeling / Seeing, Hands On for Tactile, Data for Verbal-Linguistic, and Photos of element objects for Naturalistic (which also promote transfer of learning.)

  D- and F-block loops pinch for data visibility, and return the F-block to the other elements (see Glenn Seaborg) and close the periodic table Big Gap above D-block, the main source of periodic table confusion.

  The one databox deep downslant in the D-block that connects periods and the element line, is the patented feature of all Alexander Arrangement of Elements models.
the illustrated AAE models the Chemical Element System using the Periodic Law and Logic
Alexander Arrangement of Elements 3D Periodic Table Alexander Arrangement of Elements 3D Periodic Table AAE DeskTopper page Alexander Arrangement of Elements 3D Periodic Table Alexander Arrangement of Elements 3D Periodic Table
space   The single helix of the Alexander Arrangement of Elements shows that "all the elements that should be together are together", representing a natural 'whole', as do World globes to aid bringing credibility to world maps.
  Introduce periodic tables with our Randomized to Organized free download of a hands-on lesson for a memorable class! Students' logic and creativity produces their own table only using mass & valence properties. (Is it 3D?)
  Two personal size DeskTopper AAE models provide accurate models of the Periodic Law, as well as a take-home treasure.
Another version, the Braille ElementBook, is free to qualified beta testers.

space   Big help for trends learning?
Teachers know why: 1. main group elements only; 2. elements in order; 3. Alkaline Metals just a Noble group apart from Halogens using the TrendsTube. Free download by emailing Roy.

  A free download of our 3-part PowerPoint tracing the story of periodic tables from ancient history to today, was made to use with our own free lesson but will help if used with your regular PT intro lesson.
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