The Alexander Arrangement of Elements
Classic, Illustrated, Personal, and Student Interactive
3D Periodic Table Models of the Periodic Law

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Illustrated Chemical Element System
3D Periodic Law Model Kit

spacer Systemized by the Alexander Arrangement of Elements strict adherence to the Periodic Law format: elements in Atomic Number order, those with similar properties kept stacked in groups, blocks returned to SPDT (initials of Sharp, Principal, Diffuse and Fundamental spectroscopic lines of their atomic orbitals), supported by student 'prior knowledge' photos in full color, this three-dimensional periodic table is intended for validation of the Periodic Table in the lesson with mass & trends - before the introduction of the flat Periodic Table.
spacer Feeling and seeing the natural beauty of science, which are expressed in this model - either as a great periodic table or a model of the reality of the atoms/elements systematized according to the Periodic Law - provides greater understanding and appreciation of Science.
spacer Printed on sturdy card stock, this AAE is 13.75" tall, fitting inside a 15.5" circle after assembly.

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Illustrated AAE kit

3D Illustrated Alexander Arrangement of Elements model kit
DeskTopper Models of the Alexander Arrangement of Elements
spacer Two separate fully color coded student size Alexander Arrangement model kits that assemble in minutes, providing accurate y.2000 models of the Periodic Law in a new and more correct way by honoring the 'in order' part as well as the 'apparent periodicity' part of the Law which explains the necessities and convenience of flat periodic tables.
spacer Teachers, inserting the DeskTopper or the larger Illustrated AAE model into the curriculum just prior to trends lesson with a flat chart (or FREE 3D TrendsTube), will find that by initiating students to a more correct form of the flat table - obeying the the Periodic Law - will speed and improve learning by adding credibility to the flat table. (Class-size special prices at 773.271.0318)
spacer DeskToppers are printed on sturdy card stock: 4.75" tall, fitting inside a 7.5" circle when assembled (Y/ Lu, or Y/La, both or either one), and can be folded and flattened (if desired) to 11.75"x 4.75".

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DeskTopper AAE 2

AAE DeskTopper Model – Y over La – Alexander Arrangement
Classic Alexander Arrangement model kit
Wall chart & 3D Periodic Law Model

spacer Reinvented in the '60s and printed in the '80s: the Alexander Arrangement of Elements, with elements continuous and contiguous as systemized by the Periodic Law. Packaged as both a three-dimensional model depiction of nature's arrangement of atoms of the chemical elements as well as an adaptation to all-elements-view-all-the-time PT of identical data on an aluminum channel braced wall hanging.
spacer Roy Alexander, using a print of the then current periodic table, logic, and a simple cut & paste method was - in a brief experiment- proved his hypothesis that the element line and the property groups could both remain intact when modeled in 3D.
spacer They provide validation of the Periodic Law in the lesson with mass & trends, prior to intro of the standard flat Periodic Table to students.
spacer Printed on sturdy card stock, wall chart is 38"x 25", model is 13.75" tall: fits in 15.5" circle.

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Original AAE set

Alexander Arrangement of Elements Classic 3D model Display version
Hands-On Student Interactives EVALUATION PAIR
spacer Examine and test with students building a periodic table of their very own - a welcome change from books, especially for boys and less academic pupils.
spacer These 3 Alexander Arrangement Periodic Table model kits illustrate a novel approach to appreciation of the periodic table with a model of the Periodic Law, plus new and more personal ways of element location recall leading to better understanding of the need and convenience for flat periodic tables.
spacer Using the DeskTopper AAE for reference with another 3D, you discover the many innovations and improvements resulting from the strict application of the Periodic Law in Roy Alexander's 1964 experiment!
spacer Of sturdy card stock, models are 7.25" tall & fit inside a 10.5" circle.

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Interactive AAE 3

AAE Student Interactive completed model
24 Full Class Hands-On Student Entry Interactives
Students fill up the empty boxes then build their personal 3D models

spacer Everybody models the Periodic Law and locates chemical elements with hands-on fun for active kids to understand & appreciate 2D Periodic Tables.
spacer Twenty four separate model kits with Atomic numbers in otherwise fully blank boxes for students to enter data as they learn - over weeks or all in one day, depending on your choice of STEM lessons available by calling 773-271-0318.
spacer Assembly after element location data entry (and other innovative data & decoration) is completed may use Scotch clear tape, but may be completed with no sharp tools required - results in self-created personal models for students to compare and treasure!
spacer Printed on sturdy11"x17" card stock, assembled model is 7.25" tall.

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Interactive AAE 24

A classfull of DeskToppers

Chemical Element System Periodic Law models- Alexander Arrangement of Elements I I

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