Alexander Arrangement of Elements
3D Periodic Table Model of the Periodic Law Kit

Illustrated Chemical Element System
3D Periodic Law Model Kit

spacer Systemized by the Alexander Arrangement of Elements strict adherence to the Periodic Law format: elements in Atomic Number order, those with similar properties kept stacked in groups, blocks returned to SPDT (initials of Sharp, Principal, Diffuse and Fundamental spectroscopic lines of their atomic orbitals), supported by student 'prior knowledge' photos in full color, this three-dimensional periodic table is intended for validation of the Periodic Table in the lessons with mass & trends - before the introduction of the flat Periodic Table.
spacer Feeling and seeing the natural beauty of science, which are expressed in this model - either as a great periodic table or a model (and adjunct to the many fine Theodore Gray PT posters) of the reality of the atoms/elements system arranged according to the Periodic Law's "elements in order", provides greater understanding and appreciation of Science and the history of the periodic table - originated in this 3D spiral form by Alexandre de Chancourtois 7 years prior to Mendeleev's table and law.
spacer Printed on sturdy card stock, this AAE is 13.75" tall, fitting inside a 15.5" circle after assembly, which can be a student group learning experience in itself!

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3D Illustrated Alexander Arrangement of Elements model kit

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