3D periodic table in Braille.
If you are blind or VI and want to help test a portable braille version of the chemical elements in 3D book form, click here,
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The rest of this page describes the Portable 3D Braille Periodic Table device in detail - in smaller text.

I have developed a method of adapting my 3D Alexander Arrangement of Elements
concept for use by the blind, and wish to learn from visually handicapped students, and their aides and teachers, what changes are needed before developing a final production model.

Alexander's ElementBook Beta photo
C L I C K     P H O TO     T O     E N L A R G E     A N D     E X P L A I N

By transforming the visual chemistry concepts of the periodic table into an always available tactile manipulative, VI and blind students can be more successful in chemistry classrooms with immediate data reference matching the many visual sources of such vital data for sighted students.

Braille and large print symbols have been applied to a conveniently sized (folds to fit lab coat pocket) complete periodic table where the element number sequence is absolutely continuous from the first to last, eliminating the dozen plus times one must feel for the next element of a standard Braille periodic table, plus element blocks identifiable by shape and size.

Alexander's ElementBook Beta photo     Alexander's ElementBook Beta photo     Alexander's ElementBook Beta photo
C L I C K     P H O T O S     T O     E N L A R G E     A N D     E X P L A I N

The atomic numbers and element symbols are Brailled in element data boxes on both sides of the vertical surfaces of the several hinged 'pages' representing the blocks (with p- and s-block together as the Main Group), correctly sequentially numbered one to another.

By doing this, and using my patented downslant of element rows
bringing one period to the next - with group/family elements still intact - one may trace all the elements from beginning to end without (pun intended) 'lifting a finger'.

Giant color letters that accompanying the element I.D. Braille,
help a less VI student as well as a sighted aide.
Period numbers are in the column at the end and beginning of the seven periods with arrow showing their directions both ways.
Column numbers are below the elements where the blocks are also named.
Instructions are located over the f-block in Braille only.
Over the d-block, are group names are in colors that relate to
those of the giant element symbol letter(s) in each databox, useful for a sighted aide
to inform the student of the group/family identity where (s)he is.

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